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How To Get Access windows store games installed In windows

Since Windows 8 Windows has a growing number of built-in, mechanically installed”programs” — from everyday things like Mail and Photos to games that you can not even know you’ve (Bubble Witch 3 Saga, anybody?) . These are found in the WindowsApps folder in your hard disk which can not be obtained without a little tweaking.

Here we are going to not only let you know the location of this elusive WindowsApps folder in Windows 10 but show you a few ways you may access and edit it.The Fast Method.

This guide is going to show the manual way of getting access to whatever folder you need, but you can take a shortcut by downloading and using the”Take Ownership” context menu option instead.

This essentially carries out the full procedure below in one click. (If you share a computer and are worried about other people taking ownership of various folders as well as the click of a mouse button, then you need to probably scroll down to the manual approach.)

To utilize the fast, context-menu method, you can download this Take Ownership registry hack. To install it, simply extract the ZIP file, double-click”InstallTakeOwnership.reg,” and follow the directions.

Then visit your WindowsApps folder (C:Program Documents by default, but you might want to unhide it by clicking”View” in the top of File Explorer, then ticking the”Hidden items” box).

After you can see WindowsApps, right-click it and click on the new”Take Ownership” button from the context menu. A Powershell prompt will open and run a command to take charge of the folder. Once this is completed, you can get WindowsApps!

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