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How to Fixes For Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application Issues

In some cases, you may have discovered that your pc has suddenly gotten so slow that it is nearly impossible to utilize.

By doing a scan with your antivirus, you could encounter lots of apps, and among these are the digital TV recorder device enrollment software .

If that’s really true, it is possible to safely get rid of the application by following the steps we outlined previously. However, before that, let’s know exactly what this program is about.What’s Your Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Program?

The electronic TV tuner device enrollment software is a scheduled job that’s part of their Windows Media Center. It permits you to view premium digital cable stations directly from the cable provider in your PC. It is similarly called ehprivjob.exe and is a non-system procedure caused by a software that is installed in your system.

As the majority of the installed apps will save data in your own system and its own registry, it can result in fragmentation which causes creating invalid entries, therefore finally slowing down the operation of your PC.

Ehprivjob.exe is a running application which includes a system code. If you run the Windows Media Center in your own pc, the controls the ehprivjob.exe has are also implemented. Because of this, it’s packed to a computer’s RAM and operates as a Windows Media Center process.

Even though the approach isn’t CPU intensive, you will find instances in which it may influence the functioning of your computer, particularly when you’re working a lot of processes at precisely the exact same moment. To be able to lower system overload, it is advised to disable procedures that automatically establish themselves on startup.

Additionally, issues regarding the digital TV recorder apparatus registration software are brought on by the application beginning the procedure. We’ve supplied a couple of quick repairs below so that you are able to solve this matter correctly.The Way to Correct

1st Repair: Switch Off Windows Characteristics

The very first repair, as indicated by a Quora consumer , entails turning off Windows attributes. This can be achieved with these measures:

  1. Open your Control Panel by pressing the Windows key or clicking on the Start button then scanning Control Panel. Hit Enter once it seems.
  2. In your Control Panel, Start Looking for Programs and Attributes and click on it.
  3. As an alternative, it is also possible to start your Run dialog box by pressing Windows key + R at precisely the exact same moment. When the dialog box opens, type appwiz.cpl then click OK or hit Enter.
  4. Click on the Switch Windows attribute on or off choice.
  5. Scroll down and search for Media Features then click on the + sign to expand it.
  6. Search for Windows Media Center then assess the box right alongside.
  7. Click OK to apply the changes.
  8. Restart your computer then.

2nd Repair: Search for the Procedure Utilizing the Resource Monitor and Stop It

Another fix would be to stop the process from operating in your PC. This repair is given by a consumer in SuperUser and entails the following measures:

  1. Open your Task Manager by holding the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys at precisely the exact same moment.
  2. On Your Task Manager, go to the Performance tab and then click on the Open Resource Monitor situated in the base.
  3. You could also use your Run dialog box by pressing Windows key + R. From the dialogue box, just type resmon then hit Enter.
  4. Everything you want to do would be to have a look at the CPU, Memory, and Disk segments.
  5. Ideally, you would like to search for the ehprivjob.exe procedure and prevent it.
  6. To accomplish this, just click on it then select End procedure.
  7. In addition, it is a fantastic idea to prevent additional unimportant processes which are hogging your computer tools. This can help eliminate unwanted apps that just slow down your system.

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3rd Repair: Establish a Scheduled Task

An individual by the name of Bi0hazard in the Narkive Newsgroup Archive discovered a fix to a problem about the electronic TV recorder device enrollment software crashing and stopping, thus preventing individuals from using their tuner in their PC.

The repair he found includes disabling a scheduled job at the background Called ehdrminit that follows these steps:

  1. Open the Task Scheduler by pressing the Windows key or clicking on the Start button then picking the Task Scheduler alternative as it seems.
  2. From the Task Scheduler’s left window, then click on the arrow below Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows.
  3. Now, search for the folder in which the ehdrminit is situated right click and then disable it.

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Another user in precisely the exact same thread from the title of Patrick indicated that you simply delete the contents together with the DRM folder. Here is how:

  1. Visit My Computer then found this speech:

C:\Program Data\microsoft\Windows\DRM

  1. As soon as you’re in there, then you merely have to delete the contents within it.

But, both of these fixes might not function with different users. Some maintained they mended their issues, while some said that they did not help in any way. Should you belong to the latter, you may want to attempt this following method.

4th Repair: Uninstall Your Own TV Tuner

In case none of the fixes worked, you may want to uninstall your TV tuner entirely rather. This fix that’s comprehensive by How to Uninstall Windows Programs comprises a step-by-step uninstallation procedure in addition to measures on the best way best to delete any registry entries in your own PC. Here is how:

  1. Visit Control Panel by clicking on the Start button and typing Control Panel. Hit Enter.
  2. Search for Characteristics and Programs then click on it.
  3. Among the list of installed apps, start looking on your digital TV tuner and click on it.
  4. About the top section of the window, then click Uninstall.
  5. Just follow the uninstallation wizard and await the process to finish.
  6. Then, visit your own Registry Editor by holding Windows key and then typing regedit from the Run dialog box.
  7. From the Registry Editor window, then browse to the address and look for the folder containing your digital TV tuner then delete it


  1. Then, browse to the address and delete some entries:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\eg ui

As soon as you’re finish, just restart your PC.

To know more about Digital TV Turner apparatus registration software, we seen several tech forums to learn more about people’s issues. Generally, they’re considering Digital TV Turner apparatus registration software uninstall/remove and Digital TV Turner apparatus registration software slowing PC. They also wished to know the positioning of this Digital TV turner apparatus.

A discussion poster complained that his computer began to act unnaturally and it had been slower than normal. He added he used Avast to eliminate some old junk documents, however, the device’s functionality was not getting better. He utilized Cleanup Premium to ascertain, which app was slowing his apparatus.When it was, the offender was known as Digital TV Tuner apparatus registration software. He investigated the program on the internet, and he found it out had been a part of Windows Media Center and its intent was to permit the user to view cable TV.

  • The pc user desired to know whether there was a means to eliminate Digital TV Turner program because based on Avast it had been slowing down his apparatus by 75%.
  • But, other forum specialists recommended he conduct other analytical tools to confirm the Digital TV Turner was causing the situation. They advised he began by launching the Task Manager and celebrating that app was utilizing high CPU.

Another individual also said that Avast was demonstrating that Digital TV turner apparatus registration software was using a lot of his notebook’s resources. The consumer had turned back to Windows 7 since his Windows 10 was doing slower than he expected. Another forum member advised him to reinstall and uninstall his video card to determine if it is going to repair the issue. But, another individual said he could disable the Windows Media Center in the Control Panel.

Another computer user said the Digital TV turner apparatus enrollment software was slowing down his pc by 72 percent and that he’d noticed an important gap in his personal computer’s functionality. He wished to uninstall Windows Media Center, but he could not find it at the control panelso that he had been wondering whether there was a secure method to eliminate it. A computer pro explained to him that he must click Turn Windows attributes on or off and that he’d find Media Characteristics, where he could opt to disable Windows Media Center.

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