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How To Fix Confirm Form Resubmission ??

Each page where information is submitted from 1 page into another (i.e send login information,…) should you attempt to return to the previous page you’ll be requested to confirm entry.

Some sites could employ a workaround for this, so that they redirect you to a different page after form submission, so Once You attempt to hit on the back button
1- information couldn’t directly re-submitted.
2- as an outcome confirm form resubmission doesn’t appear.

But like I said it is the website owner/developer who determine if he is going to execute this workaround or not. ( some websites implement it not just because its annoying but likewise some folks can inadvertently click resubmit button).

If you attempt to return to a webpage with submitted data (website with no workaround), then you can’t disable the kind resubmission conversation from browser configurations to your security.

Updated: December 31, 2018 — 10:36 am

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