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How i can Mute And Disable Discord @here

Nonetheless, in the event those notifications from the Pokemon Proceed server are overly distracting, we have implemented alarms muting! Muting a station or a host averts unread indicators and alarms from appearing unless you’re cited (which comprises the @everyone and @here tags).

Discord used !

There are two types of muting alarms, station mutes and server-wide mutes. They are super powerful.

  1. Channel Mute:

If you do not have to blackout your complete host conversation, but instead, simply silence a few which are blowing off your alarms, there are a couple distinct strategies to mute them.

Single Channel Mute

If you merely have one station which you’d love to mute, then toggle that station and click on the bell icon at the top right corner. When muted, the icon will soon upgrade:

Notice that clicking on the bell does not mean all of your other stations are muted, only this one. You will either have to click on the bell in every station to mute themor utilize the multi-channel mute display. Check out that below.

Multiple Channel Mute

As a way to mute multiple stations inside one server simultaneously, click the three horizontal linesbeside the host name to pull the server .

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